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2024 Fees for       Psychological Services

Insurance Only, Insurance Plus and Private Payment Plans

Currently, Dr. Jeffrey Bruno is primarily accepting new adult clients seeking Integrative Mental Health Care services, including Neurotherapies and Alternative Therapies.  For children and adolescents a wider range of services are available to meet developmental needs. 

Dr. Bruno limits his in-network (Insurance-Only) practice to approximately 25% of his patients; especially those having short-term treatment goals or financial hardships. All others seeking integrative mental healthcare, specialized assessment or treatment services may participate in either a). An Insurance Plus* option with a concierge fee for what insurance plans don't cover, or b). Private payment options. We will provide billing assistance to help client’s access their insurance benefits, where ever possible. Please consult with Dr. Bruno or the office manager as to which plan options are currently available and what services might best serve you.  

Private Pay and Insurance Plus* clients have full access to Integrative Mental Healthcare and specialized psychological treatments and assessments. Staff member's rates for service do vary from Dr. Bruno's listed CPT service fees.

Cancellation and Other Policies

While we understand unforeseen circumstances may arise, please provide 48-hours notice if you are unable to keep your appointment so that we may accommodate other clients who are waiting to be scheduled. Otherwise, there is $85.00 late cancellation or missed appointment fee. You can download a copy of our Office Policies in this section or request these documents be mailed to you.

Let us know how we can assist you in any way or provide additional information as needed.   


Dr. Bruno’s customary fee for services (CPT codes) is as follows:

90791 – Initial Diagnosis Intake

Review of intake forms, along with a 50-minute session to learn client’s developmental,family and medical histories, to better understand client’s current challenges and
treatment goals.

1 hour $265

90847/46 – Family Therapy

Family therapy may include the entire family or single individuals within a session.

1 hour $215

90837 – Ind. Tx (50-minutes)

Individual 50-minute psychotherapy session with 5+ minutes for documentation needed.

50 Min.


90834 – Ind. Tx (40-minutes)

Individual 40-minute psychotherapy session with 5+ minutes for documentation needed.

40 Min.


96118 – Neuropsych Testing

Neuropsychological testing involves cognitive measures that assess brain function and deeper processing concerns than typical IQ , educational or personality test measures. Analysis, recommendations, report writing, and feedback is provided.

1 hour


96130/31 – Psych./Ed. Testing

Psychological and/or educational testing involves intelligence, academic, behavioral or personality tests, along with analysis, diagnosis and recommendations including feedback and a report.

1 hour $245

NeuroStimulation Therapy

Neurostimulation therapy or CranioElectro Stimulation (CES) involves the use of mild electric or magnetic frequencies to increase, balance or decrease brain wave patterns to improve cognitive, emotional, or sensory awareness. 

40 Min.


qEEG and ERP Brain Mapping

qEEG and ERP brain mapping includes19-channel EEG, with open eyes, closed eyes and active ERP maps; which requires between 90 to 120 minutes of recording, plus 90 minutes of data analysis. 

1st qEEG





 If You Have Any Questions About Our Billing Policies Please Contact Us:

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