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Integrative Mental Health

Pacific Psychological Care

Our clinic mission is to promote optimal mental and behavioral wellness, across the lifespan, with a recognition of the unity of mind-body-spirit. We offer an integrative and functional approach that draws from both science and the healing arts.

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Clinic Directer  

Jeffrey Bruno, M.S., Ph.D

Dr. Jeffrey Bruno has decades of experience as a California licensed Psychologist (#13149).  Moreover, he is uniquely trained in the practice of integrative mental healthcare. His clinic is located next to a beautiful coastal resort area, with miles of nearby hiking trails. Come to experience a skillful blend of evidence-based psychotherapies and alternative healing methods. Dr. Bruno and his staff work with a diverse age-range of clients, from young children to older adults, as well as families.


Clients Recommend

Rae S.

“I had an accident that left me in severe physical pain. I became addicted to prescription pain pills. After working with Dr. Bruno, my pain was reduced to where I no longer took any pain  medications. His techniques and support helped me to live a fuller, happier and healthier life.”

Mark S.

“As a parent of a child who experiences both anxiety and depression, Dr. Bruno has been and continues to be   a blessing for our family. His knowledge and experience is superior. His approach and techniques are very effective!”

Chris T.

“I highly recommend anyone to visit Dr. Bruno to experience how his gentle no nonsense, compassionate approach to therapy will help guide them to a place of wellbeing. He is a thorough guy who has dedicated himself to continual learning to best support his patients.”

Our Location

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