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Edible Microalgae
Health Research
Edible Microalgae
Health Research

>   Introduction  
>   Edible Microalgae  
>   Enhanced Brain Function  
>   Improved Immunity  
>   Antibacterial Effects  
>   Improved Cellular Repair  
>   Radiation Protection  
>   Cancer Protective Effects  
>   Detoxification Support  
>   Antioxidant Effects  
>   Improved Heart Function  
>   Allergy and Asthma Relief  
>   Safety Issues  
>   References  
>   Order Edible Microalgae  

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AFA contains all essential amino acids

The net protein utilization index is a measure of how completely amino acids are assimilated by humans. In fact, some microalgae, such as Aph. flos-aquae, contain all ten essential amino acids that humans require from their diets—in a profile similar to that recommended by the National Academy of Sciences. 5

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